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Indian Americans Developed New Chat App with live Video Streaming, Saves videos directly to cloud for unlimited share and replay

A new App has been created by a team of Indian Americans. is an interactive mobile app that allows users to chat by
sharing live-streamed videos with other users from their mobile contacts. Videos get saved on the cloud rather than your phone. 
When apps like Whatsapp, SnapChat, and Periscope dominate the market, what makes stand out from its competitors? For one, the app -- unlike other live streaming apps -- allows users to set the videos to private. This was an important element to add when Harry developed WeVoo. He asserts that similar to private chat messages, video chat messages should also be set to private so users have the option to exchange private streamed videos amongst themselves, instead of sharing them with your entire contact list. The app, however, does give one the option to broadcast public videos and record selfie videos as well ....

Dairy Owner Kumar Murder Trial

Jury Found 14 year old boy Guilty of Manslaughter not Murder

Other 13-year-old co-defendant was cleared of manslaughter.

Kumar Trial

After about eight hours of deliberation, a jury unanimously found a 14-year-old who stabbed Arun Kumar in the neck at the Railside Dairy in Henderson on June 10 last year not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter. His 13-year-old co-defendant was cleared of manslaughter. The pair have interim name suppression.


The 14-year-old is one of about 10 children. It is understood his mother gave birth to her youngest child weeks ago.

A source close to the family said the children had a tough upbringing and most had been in and out of Child Youth and Family care. According to one witness, who was with the boys before the incident, 

Sons of poor UP daily wager in IIT Top - 500

Passed Entrance test for addmission in best Tech Institution of India




Raju, 18, and Brijesh, 19 sons of Dhramraj Suraj, an extrmely poor dalit (considered low caste in India) of UP's Pratapgarh district have accomplished an achievement which millions of Indians dream of every year. Both have cracked the IIT entrance test — one securing rank 167 and the other 410. They have secured admmission in India's best Tech Institution. Their father Dharamraj, a daily-wage earner, desperately needs Rs 1 lakh for their admission fees. But that's an astronomical sum, for he barely makes ends meet.

Dharamraj works for a Surat mill and hardly manages to fend for his family of seven.  He lost sleep over gathering up Rs 1 lakh (around NZ$ 5000) (Rs 30,000 admission fee and Rs 20,000 for the first semester) to get the boys admitted to the country's best tech institution.
Dharamraj and his family live in a rundown mud hut with a tarpaulin thatch at Rehua Lalganj village. Dharamraj owns eight goats, one cycle, and a table fan. Their house got an electricity connection last year and they use a chulha to cook. Children of this family have never eaten cheese, rode a car or had the luxury of a radio or a TV set. But knowledge comes to them easy.  But the family is full of intelligent children. Asked to recite the table of 32, their youngest brother Rohit (11) does it with ease.
Both boys scored over 95% in their Class X exams, after which they were picked for a scholarship programme. 
Their school used to provide them free three meals every day and also won scholorships, which helped them to study to this stage.
All India rose to help them:
After reports of their performance, several government and private institutions, as well as several individuals have offered financial help to the students to fund their education. Chief Minister of UP, Prim Minister and other distinguished personalities have offered to bear their all education expenses. The chief Minister of UP has also honored them at a function.

NepaL Earthquake death toll rises to 1,805, over 4,718 people injured Over 100 Killed in India including 50 in Bihar state. Damage & casulaties in UP, West Bengal 

Over 100 New Zealanders reported safe in Nepal

Nepal Earth Quake


A powerful 7.9-magnitude earthquake epicentred near Kathmandu in Nepal, the himalayan nation ripped through the upper part of the South Asian peninsula on Saturday, rattling the landscape from Myanmar to Punjab, leaving more than 1,700 dead in Nepal alone and flattening cities and towns. As rescue operations, mostly aided by Indian armed forces, mounted in the Himalayan foothills, the toll in India crept towards 100. 

Nepalese police spokesman Kamal Singh Bam told journalists the quake, with its epicenter about 80km from the resort town of Pokhra and about 200km west of Kathmandu, was the worst earthquake in Nepal since 1934. The quake was shallow, meaning close to the surface of the earth, making it deadlier than those which convulse the earth deeper down. 

New Zealand Sikh Society Wellington participates in ANZAC Day Wreath Laying Ceremony

Wellington Sikh Society



Today, the chief  Bhai Saab*, Mr. Dalbir Singh of the Sikh Temple in Wellington  accompanied by a young member of the congregation Sachram Singh (10), were among the many people who laid a wreath to honor the ANZAC soldiers. 


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Nirmal Singh, the President of the Society whose family has been in New Zealand for nearly  a hundred years, said that the Society has been participating in the wreath laying for the last 7 years.  Mr. Singh said that over a million Indian soldiers participated in World War 1 and about 2.5 million in World War II. In the Battle of Gallipoli, about 15,000 Indian soldiers participated. Of these about 1,500 were killed and about 3,500 wounded.


Many of the soldiers came from North India particularly from the Punjab.Wellington Sikh Society Mr. Singh said that they were pleasantly surprised to find out recently that Sikhs from New Zealand and Australia had fought for ANZAC forces in the First World War.  3 who fought for New Zealand had come from Trentham, Wellington.  This finding has piqued the interest of the Society and there is now desire to find out more of the 3 soldiers and also if there were others who had fought for New Zealand.


In addition to the wreath laying, the Society will also be having prayer for the ANZAC soldiers at their weekly Temple ceremony on Sunday.


Mr. Dalbir Singh who comes from India and has been the Bhai Saab at the Temple for the last 3 years, said that it was indeed a privilege for him to take part in the ceremony and to pray for soldiers of both sides who had participated in the war. He said that his prayer was for God to protect the world from such tragedy from ever happening again. 



Dr Parmjeet Parmar is Now New Zealand List MP from Mt. Roskill. She is a scientist, businesswoman, broadcaster and community advocate with over 20 years professional experience. 

She was born in India and migrated to New Zealand in 1995. A proud mother of two, she lives in Auckland with her husband Ravinder. 

Dr Parmar holds a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Auckland, as well as Bachelor and Masters degrees in Biochemistry from the University of Pune in India. 

More recently, Dr Parmar has been the Operations Director of her family’s Auckland-based Kiwi Empire Confectionery, a confectionery and natural health product manufacturing enterprise. She knows first-hand the challenges running a small business brings. 

Naturally community-minded, Dr Parmar before being named as National List MP candidate was serving as a Families Commissioner, she resigned after being name as National list MP.

She was a Community Representative on the Film and Video Labelling Body, and as Chair of the NZ Sikh Women’s Association. 


Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, has got another 3 years as New Zealand's MP.


He has been National List MP for Manuaku East for the last 6 years. 


Kanwaljit Bakshi was born in India and belongs to New Delhi.









Mahesh Bindra, Ranked 11th on New Zealand First's list, was the final candidate to make the cut after the party polled 8.9 per cent in the election.


He is the 3rd Indian to become MP of New Zealand in 2014 elections.


He was NZ First list MP from Mt. Roskill and secured 607 votes.


Mr Bindra moved to New Zealand in 2002 with his wife, twin daughters and son.


He graduated from Mumbai with an engineering degree. 

First people trafficking charges in New Zealand

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The first people trafficking charges in New Zealand have been brought by Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

Two men were arrested by Police in the Motueka area this morning and have made their first appearance in Nelson District Court. No pleas were entered and they were bailed until next Thursday, 4 September.


The defendants have been charged under the Crimes Act 1961 for arranging by deception the entry of 18 Indian nationals into New Zealand. Trafficking in persons is punishable under the Crimes Act with imprisonment for up to 20 years, a fine of $500,000 or both.


One of the defendants has also been charged, along with a third defendant who was arrested in Auckland this morning, under the Immigration Act 1987 in relation to false refugee claims they organised and lodged for the 18 Indian nationals once they arrived in New Zealand.  The maximum penalty is up to seven years’ imprisonment and / or a fine not exceeding $100,000.


The third defendant has been bailed to appear at Nelson District Court on 4 September.


INZ’s Assistant General Manager, Compliance and Border Operations, Peter Devoy, says the prosecution is an extremely significant development.


“It shows how seriously we treat such allegations and the fact this is the first prosecution for people trafficking in New Zealand sends a very strong message that we will thoroughly investigate any other cases,” Mr Devoy says

Former immigration lawyer guilty of 93 charges

Former lawyer Richard James Martin, ofAlbany, has been found guilty of 93 immigration-related charges at Auckland District Court today.


Charges include: providing immigration advice when neither licensed nor exempt, forgery, and supplying false or misleading information to an immigration officer.


By law, anyone providing NewZealandimmigration advice must be licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority, unless exempt. Exempt people include lawyers who hold aNew Zealandpractising certificate. Mr Martin previously surrendered his practising certificate.

Immigration keeping an eye on

illegal workers in Christchurch 

A migrant scam is feared to be taking root in the underbelly of Christchurch's rebuild, sparking a government alert.

Reports of dozens of unlawful immigrants working on building sites around the city have begun to surface among national recruitment companies and within the city's migrant agencies.

One has heard claims of illegal migrants travelling by van from South Auckland who then approach construction companies as a group asking for a cheap, bulk wage.

Do you want a television that watches you back?

LAS VEGAS 9 January 2013


In the new world of technology, television is not just for watching. It is also watching you.


So-called smart TVs being unveiled this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show offer technologies that watch the viewer, in an effort to offer more relevant programming.


The idea may sound eerie to those familiar with George Orwell's novel "1984" but people in the industry say this is the next step in the evolution of TV viewing.


Chinese manufacturer TCL unveiled at the show a new TV and set-top box to be sold later this year in the US using the Google TV platform which recognizes who is watching in order to suggest potential programs.

Indians top list of applicants under skilled migrant category in New Zealand

According to statistics published by Immigration New Zealand on 9 January 2013, applicants from India are at the top for Permanent Residence under Skilled Migrant Category in New Zealand in the last fortnightly selection of Expression of Interests filed with Immigration New Zealand.

In the last fortnight ending 9th January 2013, Expression of Interests of 27% applicants from India were selected from the pool for invitation to apply for Permanent Residence followed by 12.5 % from UK and 8.5 % from China........

World's largest solar telescope planned in Ladakh

KOLKATA, 5 JAN: India is expected to start building the world's largest solar telescope on the icy heights of Ladakh to study the sun's atmosphere and understand the formation of sun-spots and their decay process.

 The Rs 300-crore project is expected to come up at either Hanle or Merak, which is very near to the Ladakh's Pangong lake along the Line of Actual Control with China.

Immigration Adviser punished for not returning client’s passport

Immigration Advisers Authority New Zealand have struck off the name of a Licensed Immigration Adviser from the register of Licensed Immigration Advisers maintained by the Immigration Advisers Authority.


In a media release by the IAA, it has been stated that Mr Richard Uday Prakash of Vital Consulting 2007 Limited will be stripped of his licence from 25 January 2013, after withholding a client's passport in lieu of fees.


The Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal found Mr Prakash was not entitled to the fees he claimed he was owed and should not have withheld the migrant’s passport under these or any circumstances.


Mr Prakash was asked to apply for a migrant’s work visa and tried several times without success. .........................




With a view to remove misconceptions among many workers of Indian origin holding temporary visas in NewZealand, the Immigration department have issued clarification on its website to Indian applicants holding work visas in New Zealand.


The Immigration department has clarified that there is no change in policy of work visas for Indian workers in New Zealand. However, following recent media coverage regarding preventing many Indians from boarding aircraft to come to New Zealand even after holding valid work visas........

Locks block drink drivers

The first drink-drivers sentenced under new legislation will be eligible to install an alcohol interlock system for their vehicles from the New Year.


A Government report released to the media showed 16 drink drivers have been issued with the alcohol-detecting devices since they became a sentencing option three months ago. ..........


An high level investigation is being conducted by Immigration department against few kiwi fruit contractors in Bay of Plenty who are carrying out a widespread and well-organised rort of the student and work visa system.


Reports have indicated that many young people from India who are not educated got student visas and start working in Kiwi orchards under these contractors on under-the-table jobs within a week of arrival in New Zealand.


There are over 5000 Indian youth on international student visa to study in New Zealand, but they are working illegally in Bay of Plenty orchards while supposedly studying business, IT and cookery. The contractors pick the students from Auckland in their vans, provide them ..............

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