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Daljit Singh Removed As JP, Immigration Agent and Real Estate Agent


His Excellency the Governor-General of New Zealand has removed Daljit Singh, of Manukau from the office of Justice of the Peace for New Zealand. A Notification was issued in the officia Gazette by HON CHESTER BORROWS, Associate Minister of Justice. The notification stated that:


"Pursuant to section 5(1)(b)(iii) of the Justices of the Peace Act 1957, His Excellency the Governor-General of 

New Zealand has removed Daljit Singh, of Manukau from the office of Justice of the Peace for New Zealand.
Dated at Wellington this 22nd day of February 2014. HON CHESTER BORROWS, Associate Minister of Justice."


Earlier Mr. Chester Borrows has recommended that corrupt Labour candidate Daljit Singh be stripped of his JP status. His earlier press release of 20th February 2014 had stated:


"Associate Justice Minister Chester Borrows has today indicated that he will be recommending that the Governor General remove Justice of the Peace Daljit Singh from office, following his conviction in the Auckland High Court for electoral fraud. 


“Justices of the Peace hold a respected and trusted position in our community, they know when they take on the role they will be required to hold themselves to the highest standard,” says Mr Borrows.

“When a JP fails to meet this high standard, as Mr Singh’s conviction clearly shows he has, other JPs and the public expect and deserve a firm response.


“I find this case especially troubling, in that Mr Singh has ignored the trusted place in our justice system he held and instead attempted to pervert the democratic process.  To my mind there can be no excuse for such behaviour.


“Under these circumstances it is clearly impossible for him to continue to be a Justice of the Peace.”

Mr Borrows will tender advice to the Governor General under section 5 of the Justices of the Peace Act 1957 immediately.  The removal from office will then be noted in the New Zealand Gazette.


In a media release of 3rd March, 2014 Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) has also rejected Daljit Singh's application for renewal of his Immigration Advisers license. IAA stated in its press release:


"The Immigration Advisers Authority has refused to renew Daljit Singh’s licence to give immigration advice after he was convicted of electoral fraud.


The Authority takes dishonesty very seriously and has deemed Mr Singh unfit to hold a licence."


Earlier Realestate Institute of New Zealand had also stripped him of his realestate agen't license. He can no more act as a real estate agent or immigration agent or a JP and marriage celebrant.


Earluier, Daljit Singh a self styled leader of New Zealand's Sikh community had been sentenced to five months community detention for electoral fraud.


Former Labour Party candidate Dalit Singh was also sentenced to 200 hours community work for forging electoral documents in a bid to win a spot on the local board during Auckland's first super city elections.


His five co-accused have all been handed sentences of community detention and community work.


Justice Woolford told Daljit Singh his offending was naive and reckless.


He said Singh had caused distress to the Sikh community and he had much work to do to repair the damage.

Justice Woolford said the victim in this case was the community and the offending undermined the election processes."


Singh's lawyer Ron Mansfield earlier told Justice Woolford a conviction would prevent Singh from his work in the real estate industry, as an immigration advisor, as a Justice of the Peace and as a marriage celebrant.


The Sikh Community of New Zealand has largely welcomed the decision of various regulatory authorities in stripping Daljit Singh of Justice of the Peace, Marriage Celebrant, Real Estate Agent and Immigration Adviser's status.  

Record Jump in visitors to NZ in 2013

International visitor arrivals hit a monthly record for December of 381,000 to cap off a yearly record for 2013.

The number was up 21,000 on the previous record set in December 2011, according to Statistics New Zealand. That rounded out a record total of international passenger numbers which surpassed 10 million for the first time in the December 2013 year, with a total of 5 million arrivals and 5 million departures.


Seasonally adjusted net migration, was steady at just under 3000, up from close to zero in December 2012, which means New Zealand had more arrivals than departures. Statistics NZ figures indicate that pattern is on the back of more non-New Zealand citizens arriving to settle permanently, with 92,000 coming last month.

Immigration keeping an eye on

illegal workers in Christchurch 

A migrant scam is feared to be taking root in the underbelly of Christchurch's rebuild, sparking a government alert.

Reports of dozens of unlawful immigrants working on building sites around the city have begun to surface among national recruitment companies and within the city's migrant agencies.

One has heard claims of illegal migrants travelling by van from South Auckland who then approach construction companies as a group asking for a cheap, bulk wage.

Indian youth missing in Gisborne

A Punjabi boy, Amandeep Singh aged 22 years, resident of Gisborne is missing since 30 December 2012. He belonged to some village in Uttar Pradesh in India. He was currently on graduate job search visa.

Amandeep Singh had gone to see a show on 29th December, and since then his whereabouts are not known. The person with whom he was staying with Mr, Vivek Punj and his friends searched about him for many days but did not contact him. A missing person report was lodged with the Police on 31st December. Gisborne police has issued a missing notice in the local media asking for any information about him. 

UK changes its student visa rules -

Stringent visa policy discourages many

Britain's stringent norms on student visas have resulted in a decline in the number of Indian students in higher education by nearly a quarter last year.

Students from India, coming to study at schools and universities in UK, fell by 23.5 per cent overall, including a 28 per cent drop at the post-graduate level.
Figures released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency yesterday show less than 30,000 students from India were studying at UK higher educational institutions in 2011-12, compared to around 40,000 in the previous year.



A time limit will be introduced by the government for learners or restricted license holders to get full driving license.

From 2015, a learner and restricted driver will have to gain the full licence within five years, or be forced to resit tests, Associate Transport Minister Simon Bridges announced on 10th January 2013.

At present, drivers can remain on their learner or restricted licences indefinitely, having to update their licence card only once a decade.

Currently, 37 per cent of learner drivers have held their licences for more than six years, as well as 32 per cent of restricted drivers. Three drivers in the country have held their learner licences for 25 years or more.

Indians top list of applicants under skilled migrant category in New Zealand

According to statistics published by Immigration New Zealand on 9 January 2013, applicants from India are at the top for Permanent Residence under Skilled Migrant Category in New Zealand in the last fortnightly selection of Expression of Interests filed with Immigration New Zealand.

In the last fortnight ending 9th January 2013, Expression of Interests of 27% applicants from India were selected from the pool for invitation to apply for Permanent Residence followed by 12.5 % from UK and 8.5 % from China........

Do you want a television that watches you back?

LAS VEGAS 9 January 2013


In the new world of technology, television is not just for watching. It is also watching you.


So-called smart TVs being unveiled this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show offer technologies that watch the viewer, in an effort to offer more relevant programming.


The idea may sound eerie to those familiar with George Orwell's novel "1984" but people in the industry say this is the next step in the evolution of TV viewing.


Chinese manufacturer TCL unveiled at the show a new TV and set-top box to be sold later this year in the US using the Google TV platform which recognizes who is watching in order to suggest potential programs.

Fake marriages for Immigration purposes mock the system

Many innocent Indians trapped in the

fake marriage scams

Jasdeep Singh married Kuljit Kaur, a New Zealand citizen on March 18 2008, in India. It was an arranged marriage Soon, he was granted work visa under partnership category. He came to New Zealand and started getting phone calls and txt messages of his girl friend in India. He started abusing his wife and told him that he will divorce her after getting PR and marry his girl friend which he had before marriage.

When Kuljit Kaur became pregnant, SINGH coerced her to support his application for Permanent Residence which she did reluctantly. Back at home in India, his parents demanded money for buying a house for their son in New Zealand. ................

An institution in himself !

Prof Shukdev Madhu, a wonderful violin mastero

Prof Shukdev Madhu - IndiankiwiThe Indian community in New Zealand is pleased that there are few talented people in the community who have kept the Indian culture, music and tradition alive even in New Zealand.


Prof Sukhdev Madhu is one of such talented people who keep music above everything else.


70 years old Sukhdev Madhu is a solo violin performer and can be seen playing violin in Sikh and Hindu temples in Auckland.


He got basic training in Indian classical music from Master Mohan of Sham Churasi Gharana. He is playing violin on stage solo for over 50 years now. ...........

World's largest solar telescope planned in Ladakh

KOLKATA, 5 JAN: India is expected to start building the world's largest solar telescope on the icy heights of Ladakh to study the sun's atmosphere and understand the formation of sun-spots and their decay process.

 The Rs 300-crore project is expected to come up at either Hanle or Merak, which is very near to the Ladakh's Pangong lake along the Line of Actual Control with China.

Sikh Community relishes success of Gurmat Camp-2012

IndianKiwi- Sikh Camp New Zealand


The Sikh community in South Auckland was pleased with the successful conduct of the three day Gurmat camp of Sikh children held from 24th to 26th December. Organised by The Auckland Sikh Society and co-ordinated by Jasbir Singh Dhillon & Hari Singh, the Gurmat camp concluded on 26th December with the participating children and their parents expressing their satisfaction at the event.


IndianKiwi- Sikh Camp New ZealandAround 80 children participated in the three day event. Lectures were given on Sikh history, religious thoughts, Sikh religious and cultural values.


After the completion of all the sessions, the participants and their parents felt confident and happy about the knowledge they gained in the camp. After getting the  positive feedback from the parents and overwhelming interest of the kids, The Auckland sikh society decided to continue organising such events in future as well.


IndianKiwi- Sikh Camp New ZealandApart from imparting religious and historical teachings to the participants, focus was also kept on extra-curricular activities like painting, music, Instrumental as well as vocal, harmonium, turban tying, cooking basics and general knowledge quiz competitions.


Children took lot of interest in  these activities which were their favourite. ............

Immigration Adviser punished for not returning client’s passport

Immigration Advisers Authority New Zealand have struck off the name of a Licensed Immigration Adviser from the register of Licensed Immigration Advisers maintained by the Immigration Advisers Authority.


In a media release by the IAA, it has been stated that Mr Richard Uday Prakash of Vital Consulting 2007 Limited will be stripped of his licence from 25 January 2013, after withholding a client's passport in lieu of fees.


The Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal found Mr Prakash was not entitled to the fees he claimed he was owed and should not have withheld the migrant’s passport under these or any circumstances.


Mr Prakash was asked to apply for a migrant’s work visa and tried several times without success. .........................



An high level investigation is being conducted by Immigration department against few kiwi fruit contractors in Bay of Plenty who are carrying out a widespread and well-organised rort of the student and work visa system.


Reports have indicated that many young people from India who are not educated got student visas and start working in Kiwi orchards under these contractors on under-the-table jobs within a week of arrival in New Zealand.


There are over 5000 Indian youth on international student visa to study in New Zealand, but they are working illegally in Bay of Plenty orchards while supposedly studying business, IT and cookery. The contractors pick the students from Auckland in their vans, provide them ..............

Immigration Rules changed for International student visas

Indian Kiwi - Immigration Rules changed

Go to homepage - Immigration New Zealand - Te Ratonga Manene. International students who are either in New Zealand or off shore while applying for student visas to study in NZ Diploma in Business courses, have to meet more strict requirements.


Latest instructions by NZQA to private training establishments (PTEs) in New Zealand states that English language requirement for International students have been changed with effect from 21 December 2012. ........



With a view to remove misconceptions among many workers of Indian origin holding temporary visas in NewZealand, the Immigration department have issued clarification on its website to Indian applicants holding work visas in New Zealand.


The Immigration department has clarified that there is no change in policy of work visas for Indian workers in New Zealand. However, following recent media coverage regarding preventing many Indians from boarding aircraft to come to New Zealand even after holding valid work visas........

Locks block drink drivers

The first drink-drivers sentenced under new legislation will be eligible to install an alcohol interlock system for their vehicles from the New Year.


A Government report released to the media showed 16 drink drivers have been issued with the alcohol-detecting devices since they became a sentencing option three months ago. ..........

Australia soars in 50C temperature

Bush fires damages millions of hectares of forests and land

Busw fires in AustraliaIn fact, it is getting so hot that meteorologists have been forced to increase their temperature scale to 54C and add a new colour code.

The unprecedented temperatures have caused outbreaks of bushfires putting lives at risk.


But such high temperatures also pose another risk - to the body itself.

Extreme temperatures result in stress to the body.


The body works best within a narrow range of body temperature - 36C to 37.5C - and gets rid of heat mainly by sweating, although breathing and an increased heart rate can also expel heat.

The hotter and more humid it gets the more the body has to sweat, increasing the risk of dehydration.


In extreme heat the body starts to struggle to cool itself down, which can then lead to heat cramps, heat exhaustion or even heatstroke - also known as sunstroke.

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